Candle Continuos Screen Changer

Diemech Plastic Machinery - Candle Continuous

Candle Type Continuous Screen Changer are made from very high quality raw material RJCC gives flow of melt with pressure and cleaning in rectangular direction For example Material form barrel comes horizontally and cleaned material path are vertically downward


  • Monofilament Plant
  • Tape Plant
  • Sheet Plant
  • Box Strapping Plant
  • Non-woven Plant
  • Lamination Plant
  • Blown Film Plant


  • Operator can change the mesh without stop the extruder.
  • More filtration area of both candle mesh so, mesh will chock up after a long time.
  • Production will increase due to continuous working of screen changer.
  • Special sealing so, Leakage will not come.
  • It will filter Melt Material impurities and prevent barrel and die damages which will increase extruder life
  • Suitable for high Impurities material.
  • End product will not disturb due to Pre-filling and Air-venting system
  • Mesh will run more due to Flushing facility provided.
  • Final product quality improves.
  • Wastage will control.

Optional Requirements:

  • Barrel side and die side Flange/Adaptors along with heaters & fasteners.
  • Pressure Transducer with cable and panel.
  • Extra cartridge heaters
  • Extra Wire Mesh.
  • Extra Breaker plate.
  • Heavy duty simple support / wheel mounted trolley stand for screen changer support.
  • Heating panel for screen changer heaters connection.

Technical Specifications:

Sr No. Model Candle Mesh size (mm) Mesh Area (mm 2) Heating Load K.W
1 DECC-70 ø41×66 16994 4.0
2 DECC-80 ø52×76 24818 4.0
3 DECC-90 ø62×86 33485 6.0
4 DECC-110 ø62×96 37378 6.0
5 DECC-125 ø66X96 39790 6.0
6 DECC-140 ø96×106 63905 8.0
7 DECC-155 ø101×151 95776 16.2